Pets improve our lives in so many ways.
They give us loyalty and unconditional love, and help us live longer. They teach us not to take ourselves too seriously, and from time to time even give us a reason in life. In return, they deserve our loyalty. We owe it to the animals we choose to meet their physical and emotional needs throughout their lifetimes. This means that when we adopt a new dog or cat, we need to take an honest look at ourselves, our lifestyle, and the animal, to make sure we are getting the best possible match.

Here are some questions to consider before bringing home your new friend:

The living space you haveA small apartment with no backyard wouldn’t be a good choice for a great Dane who needs space, or a Jack Russell with a lot of energy. This is a main reason animals are turned into shelters, and should be a top concern.

• Time you have
Generally, cats do not need as much interaction as dogs, and they are easier to leave alone for longer periods. Dogs are pack animals and require more attention. If you’re away at work for long hours every day, a dog may not be a good idea unless there’s someone else at home or you have a pet sitter or dog walker.Suggestion: Cats also need companionship – consider getting two if you’re out a lot.

• Do you travel a lot?
If so, who will care for your animal? Will he go with you? Dogs generally travel much better than cats do. If you travel by air, a smaller dog that you can take in the cabin with you might be your best bet.

• Your activity level
A toy poodle would not be the ideal running partner, while a border collie is not meant to be a couch potato. Be sure to get an animal that fits happily with your level of activity.

• Grooming
How much grooming are you willing to do? How much shedding are you willing to deal with? Long-haired dogs and cats need frequent brushing.

• Quiet or noisy
If you live in an apartment building and have a noisy animal, there will be complaints. It’s important to be aware of that not all small dogs are yappy, nor are all large dogs quiet. Happy cats are usually quiet, although breeds like the Siamese tend to be more vocal than average.

• Life span
Are you ready and willing to make a commitment for that length of time? It’s also a good idea to make planning for someone to take the animal in case something happens to you.

• Puppy or kitten, or an adult?
Most people want puppies or kittens, but adult animals offer many advantages too. They are often already housebroken, and you are able to get a more accurate picture of their true personalities.

What else to think about:

1. Do not choose an animal only because of his looks. This is another common mistake that often results in animals being returned to shelters. Consider the breed or mix of breeds, and research their characteristics, needs and behavior traits. Your veterinarian, a reputable breeder, or a breed-specific rescue group is good resources.

2. Remember that each animal is an individual. Although different breeds have certain characteristics that can help you to make your decision, every animal has own traits and quirks. Try to spend some time with a dog or cat before adopting him; this will help you measure how the relationship will go.

3. If you are adopting a kitten or puppy, think about the earliest age you should bring it into your home. Very young animals learn socialization skills from their mom and siblings, so it’s beneficial for them to stay with their family for a certain period of time. Take your time when it comes time to separate them, and make the transition gradual. To start, you might be able to work out a deal with the shelter or breeder to take your puppy or kitten for a few hours at a time.

4. Training and working with your animal will also change his behavior to some degree. To ensure a healthy relationship, it’s important to start right away to teach it right from wrong.

5. Keep in mind that animals use body language, and you can understand them much better if you take the time to learn that language. In turn, they will come to recognize many human words if you use them in a consistent manner.
By taking the time to choose the right dog or cat, you’ll be doing yourself and your new companion a great service. The human-animal bond is very powerful, and can improve your life further than measure if you make the right match!

Good Luck, Be a Responsible Pet Owner ... and Have Fun with your New Friend!
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