As we previously wrote on this blog many airlines require acclimation certificates for all cats and dogs. Federal regulations specify that dogs and cats must not be exposed to ambient temperatures that fall below 45 F for more than four consecutive hours while in animal holding areas of airport terminals. The regulations also limit exposure to temperatures lower than 45 F to 45 minutes while transferring the animal between the aircraft and the animal holding area.

It is a common problem by many veterinarians to agree to issue this form. They are often hesitant to sign them because they are considered by some to be a blank check for airlines that want to avoid liability.

To avoid potential legal liability, the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) Professional Liability Insurance Trust recommends veterinarians who sign acclimation certificates use the following wording:

“The animal(s) in this shipment appear healthy for transport but need(s) to be maintained at a range of ambient temperatures to which the animal(s) has/have been acclimated, as determined in consultation with the owner/authorized agent to be no lower than (W degrees) F for (s) minutes and no higher than (Y degrees) F (not to exceed 85 F) for no longer than (s) minutes.”

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