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Relocating and Moving to Argentina with Pets

Traveling to live in a South American country with the family pet is definitely feasible. The animal family members are an important part to the joy of living abroad. If you are thinking of living South American, don’t be afraid of bringing your pets. With a little research and groundwork, you’ll be glad you made it for your “best friend” joins your family.

PETSVENTURA PET RELOCATION SOLUTIONS® is committed to being a leader in pet relocation industry. The key features if its service such as reliability, flexibility and predictability are the cornerstones of company's foundation. The dedicated employees coupled with their skills and an experience has built a network of alliance partners serving key customers.

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PETSVENTURA PET RELOCATION SOLUTIONS® assisting the customer in building a tailored solution to meet the requirements in logistics and transportation to their pets around the world.

PETSVENTURA PET RELOCATION SOLUTIONS® combines its experience in surface, air, domestic and international to get the solution for its customers with emphasis on service quality and cost.

Our staff is fluent with the following languages – Spanish, English, Hebrew and Portuguese.

We are South American approved alternative quarantine for dogs and cats. By offering this approved alternative quarantine most restrictions put by many countries are now lifted. We offer a real alternative to an enforced stay in a quarantine facility. Check out our home board or long term stay care option applicable for pets looking to enter the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong Australia, New Zealand, Australia and others.