Conditions for Importing Dogs and Cats into Jamaica

No dog or cat shall be imported into the island except such animal is imported directly from Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Eire.
Every dog or cat imported into Jamaica must be accompanied by an import permit from the Veterinary Division in the Ministry of Agriculture (Jamaica).

On arrival at Kingston, which shall be the ONLY port of entry into the island, every dog or cat shall be examined by an inspector appointed under the Law, and if free of infectious or communicable diseases it may be landed.

Every dog or cat imported into Jamaica must be accompanied by a certificate stating that there has been no Rabies in unquarantined dogs, cats or other animals in the country from which it was exported. This certificate shall be given:

In the case of Great Britain by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Hook Rise, Tolworth, Surbiton, Surrey

In the case of Northern Ireland by the Ministry of Agriculture, Belfast

In the case of Republic of Eire by the Department of Agriculture, Dublin.
No dog or cat imported into the island shall be landed if it has been in contact with any dog or cat other than a dog or cat coming directly from Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Eire; or a dog or cat that has been release from quarantine in those countries in respect of Rabies; and which in either case has been granted an official certificate from a country of origin referred to above.

Dogs and cats vaccinated against Rabies are not allowed entry into Jamaica.
The Heath Certificate must accompany the animal and should be addressed to :
The Veterinary Services Department,
Ministry of Agriculture,
Hope Gardens,
Kingston 6,
Jamaica, W.I.
Tel: +876 977 2489
+876 977 2492
+876 927 0594
Fax: +876 977 0885

Preparation for Import

All animals imported are subject to quarantine at the Government Quarantine Station, Plumb Point, for a minimum of two (2) weeks, excepting psittacines (animals from the parrot family) which may be kept for a longer period. To make the import quarantine process easier for you, the following preparation steps are required.

Obtain an import permit.

Give at least three (3) weeks notification to the Veterinary (Quarantine) Officer before the arrival of the animals in order to book a space at the Quarantine Station, Plumb Point. (Access the Notification Form here)

At least forty-eight (48) hours before arrival into Jamaica, notice must be given of the flight number of the aircraft or the name of vessel and the expected time of arrival. Any changes must be conveyed to the Veterinary (Quarantine) Officer.

Obtain special permission from the Veterinary Officer in order to enter the Quarantine Station compound.

Deliver feed and bedding (straw or saw-dust for horses) as well as feeding and water containers before the arrival of the animal(s) to the Quarantine Station so that the space can be prepared.

Provide transport to convey the animal(s) to the Quarantine Station.

Obtain entry passes from the Airport Authority for the vehicle and persons meeting the animal(s).
Only a minimum number of people must be provided to ‘handle’ the animal(s) and all contact must be kept to a minimum.
Release from Quarantine
Owners and importers are responsible to pay all quarantine fees at the Veterinary Services Division when approval is given for the release of the animal(s). The fees are presently:

Birds (Caged) and Cats$50

Animals not cleared from the Quarantine Station at the end of the specified quarantine period will be subject to payment of a quarantine fee of twice the stated amount.
Animals will not be released from Quarantine until Jamaica Customs requirements have first been fulfilled.
Imported animals may be subject to a Veterinary Landing Fee, which varies based on the time of day in which the animal(s) arrive at the Station, length of processing time and the type of animal.
*****The information updated on Jun 23, 2009 ****
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