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Pet Relocation Pricing


Every pet relocation procedure is distinctive and costs are influenced by your type of pet, pet's weight and crate size, departure & arrival locations, travel dates, and your individual requirements such as pickup & Delivery, grooming or boarding services.

To ensure a safe and flawless relocation for your pet we prepare a list of steps you should know about.

Worldwide travel services normally involve the following: 
Arrange for payment to airline, vet, kennel, pet carrier, etc.
Airline Ticket including security fees and fuel surcharges
Pickup of pet at Airport
Delivery to your pet to Destination Location
Pet Handled by a Registered IPATA member
Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations
Compliance with all TSA mandatory security measures
Assist in obtaining Health, Rabies and Travel Documents
Detailed Flight Research and Flight Booking 
Pickup at Residence of the pet
Delivery to Airport & Check-In of Pet including supervision and proper handling

Target Country Services can include:

Personalized International documentation preparation
Arrange for necessary import permit, documentation and other requirements
Customs Clearance at Airport
Delivery to Residence / Destination Location
Inspection by Veterinarian if applicable
Arrangement for Quarantine  
General Information & Resources on your new country

Using a professional pet relocation company approved by IPATA (Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Associations International) is recommended but not a must.

International travel preparations can be complex and a simple casual mistake can result in bend your pet entry a new country or placing your pet in quarantine for longer than necessary.

Fill in our online  Request Quote Form . The more thorough information you provide initially, the more accurate your quote will be.

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