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Pet Import Requirements in Argentina

The following are the requirements and documents for Pet Cats/Dogs entering Argentina


Obelisco1. Microchip:  It is not required.

2. Rabies Vaccination & Certificate

All pets over 3 months of age MUST have an original Rabies Certificate. It must occur at least 30 days prior to departure
3. Veterinarian Health Certificate

This is the standard Health Certificate  to be filled out by  your  Veterinarian.     
4. International Health Certificate

This Issued by local government veterinarian for their stamp of approval (i.e in the USA is USDA).  

The certificate must be written in or translated into Spanish by official translator and certificate by Argentinian  consulate.

The following items must be filled:

Owner’s name and address and passport number 
Animal’s data:  breed, sex, date of birth, size, color & particular signs. 
Country of Origin.
Statement:  “the animal has been examined within 10 days of departure, and not showing any  clinical signs of diseases.”
5. Quarantine:  NO

6. Import Permit

No import permit is required for dogs and cats with country of origin other than Asian or African countries. 

For further information contact us:
TEL: +54 11 5292-6001

TEL: 818 627-6256
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