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Bringing a Pet into Kuwait


If you are traveling into Kuwait with your pet there are no quarantine requirements.

Import permit

an import permit must be obtained from PAAAFR (also known as the Animal Health Ministry), before your animal will be permitted to enter Kuwait. Import permits are normally valid for 1 month but can be extended to 3 months. It is worth pointing out that it is much cheaper to bring the animal on the same flight with you, than sending a pet as unaccompanied 'cargo'.


In order to get your pet import/health certificate you will need to provide copies of the following* documents to whoever is handling your importation

Photocopy of your pet’s vaccinations record; all vaccinations must be at least 1 month old and less than 1 year old on entry into Kuwait

Passport Photocopy of the person traveling with the pet

Airline, flight details and dates of travel clearly indicating the arrival date into/destination out of Kuwait.

You should also get a health certificate from the animal health authorities in your country, stating that your pet is well and able to travel. You may be asked to show this on departure from your home country, although it is not usually asked for on arrival into Kuwait, the original certificate must be presented on arrival. Usually, whoever is meeting you and your pet will bring this to the airport with your entry visa.

Alternatively, you can request that the original certificate be couriered to you, before departure from your home country.

If your pet is traveling with you, they will be brought into the luggage collection area.
You may be asked to show the original health certificate as you leave the airport.

If you are going to an hotel and wish to bring your pet with you it is important to know that not all hotels in Kuwait will accept pets. Shik Hotel sometimes allows cats. The Hilton Resort has been known to allow cats and small dogs, although only in the chalets and only by advance arrangement.

    It is advised that you do not import or export a pet during the hottest months of the year. If you must do so, please try to ensure that you pet arrives during a late night or early morning flight. Some airlines (such as Delta) will not transport pets into or out of Kuwait between May and September, so check with your chosen airline well in advance. There is always a chance the pet will be exposed to the heat while waiting to board a flight or awaiting collection from the cargo area, so try to avoid moving pets during July, August and September

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