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Rabies is a fatal disease that is caused by a virus.
The rabies virus is present predominantly in the saliva and nervous tissue (brain and nerve cells) of infected animals and is transmitted most often by a bite.  Rabies causes inflammation of the brain and is almost always fatal once symptoms develop.
The best ways to prevent the spread of rabies from animals to humans are:
• Vaccinate all dogs, cats and ferrets by four months of age, by a licensed veterinarian;
• Large farm animals may also be vaccinated for rabies, particularly if they are handled extensively by humans;
• Enjoy wildlife at a distance;
• Secure your yard and home and do not leave food laying out to attract wild animals;
• Do not allow your animals to roam free;
• Avoid contact with stray animals; and
• If you are bitten or exposed to rabies, wash the wound thoroughly with lots of warm water and soap and seek medical attention immediately.