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FREIGHT Shipping Terms For Shipping Pets By Air Cargo

Here are a few shipping terms that you may encounter in regards to freight that you should know as you prepare and book your pet transportation  by air cargo .

Accessorial Fees

travel2 Charges for service beyond standard transportation pricing. Such fees would include special pickup or delivery such as residential areas or the pick up/delivery location requires an appointment.

Air Waybill

A bill of lading that covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination. This is non-negotiable and serves as a receipt for the shipper, indicating that the carrier has accepted the goods listed and obligating it to carry the consignment to the airport of destination according to specified conditions.

BOL (Bill of Lading)

A document which acknowledges receipt of the goods and establishes the terms of a contract between a shipper and transportation company. It signifies which freight is to be moved between specified points for a specified charge. As the most fundamental document in goods transportation, it serves as a document of title, a contract of carriage, and a receipt for goods. It is prepared by the shipper on forms issued by the carrier. It is a legal document.

Any person or entity who, in a contract of carriage, undertakes to perform or to procure the performance of carriage by rail, road, sea, air, inland waterway, or by a combination of such modes.

C.A.F. (Currency Adjustment Factor)

Additional charge on ocean freight, expressed as a percentage of a base rate, which reflects adjustments to costs based on foreign currency exchange rates.


A demand for payment made upon a transportation line due to loss sustained through its alleged negligence.

Classification Rating
The designation provided in a classification by which a class rate is determined.

The person or company shown as the shipper on the bill of lading.


The person or company shown as the shipper on the bill of lading.

Customs Invoice

A form requiring all data in a commercial invoice along with a certificate of value and/or a certificate of origin. Required in a few countries (usually former British territories) and usually serves as a seller’s commercial invoice.

Dim Weight (Dimensional Weight or Volume Weight)
Freight charges calculated by the cubic dimension (total cubic inches). This measurement, along with the weight of the pieces shipped, is typically used by airfreight carriers to determine their freight charges.

Net Weight (Actual Net Weight)
Weight of the goods alone without any immediate wrappings; e.g., the weight of the contents of a tin can excluding the can’s weight.

A party named as the beneficiary of funds. Under letters of credit, the payee is either the drawer of the draft or a bank.

A party responsible for the payment as evidenced by the given instrument. Under letters of credit, the payer is the party on whom the draft is drawn, usually the drawee bank.

Port of Entry
At this port foreign goods are admitted into the receiving country. The Customs authority designated this point where goods are examined and go through clearance.

Power of Attorney
A method a company uses to assign authority to another company or person to perform a certain function on the behalf of the first company.

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