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Travelling in Europe with a Pet

Traveling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU pet passport
The requirements:
Traveling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU pet passport available from any veterinarian in Europe. The national authorities in every EU country are responsible for issuing the passport to the vets . All cats and dogs must have a passport containing details of a valid rabies vaccination. Until the end of 2011, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom also require proof that the vaccination has been effective.

In addition, and also until the end of 2011, treatment for ticks and tapeworm is required for entry into Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. Finland and Sweden require a tapeworm treatment.
An animal has to be identified by an electronic microchip. A clearly readable tattoo is also acceptable until 3 July 2011, except if you are taking your animal to Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom where a microchip is already required.
Young pets which cannot be vaccinated yet may be allowed to travel without vaccination on the conditions defined by each Member State.
For the entry of animals into Ireland, Sweden, Malta or the United Kingdom, antibody titration (a test to see if the vaccine has been effective) needs to be carried out after the vaccination.
The EU pet passport has been designed to last for the lifetime of the animal bearing it. When travelling, the pet owner must ensure that the rabies vaccination in the passport is valid or renew the pet's vaccination.
Some Member States might also choose to include additional information in the passport about other vaccinations and the animal's medical history to make veterinary checks easier, but this additional information is not required by EU law.
The EU pet passport makes veterinary checks easier and make life easier for travelling pet owners, since there is one single system that applies for all EU countries (with some temporary exceptions for the UK, Ireland, Malta and Sweden).

If you are travelling to or from one of the neighboring countries where the rabies status matches that of the EU. This includes: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City State.

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