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Welcome to PetsVentura Pet Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina!

PetsVentura Pet Hotel is a family owned and operated dog and cat boarding hotel. As owners, we also live on site, which provides 24-hours a day dedication to you and your pet

While your pet stay with us, we will ensure a safe, warm, caring and stress free environment. Like many pet owners, we always found it hard to go away and leave our loved pets “just anywhere”. We understand how it feels to travel and worry about your pets left behind at kennels with people they don’t know in a strange environment.

Our concern for our own pets inspired us to create cozy home   where you will feel that your pet has a safe place to stay while you are away. At PetsVentura Pet Hotel, we take pride in providing such quality care.
Our hotel is smaller than most, which gives us the ability to get to know you and your pet on a personal level. We limit the number of guests up to 6 per day!
We offer cage free boarding