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Hyperthermia occurs most commonly during the summer when the temperature is high along with a high humidity. It is this Heat Index that is the most important factor for heat stroke.

Dogs and cats cannot sweat like people and so they pant to release the heat. The only place a pet can sweat is from their foot pads.

Your pet should be provided plenty of shade. It is important to remember that this shade will change throughout the day so a shady spot should be made available at all times.

You pet should be provided plenty of fresh water at all times. You should not over exercise your pet on days when the heat index is high. A small child swimming/wading pool filled with fresh water can be used as a cool down source.

Your pet should never be left in a car .On a cool day of 75 ºF, the temp inside a car can rise to 120 ºF in only 10 minutes. Even leaving your windows open does not allow the air to circulate properly to reduce the risk of heat stroke.

Signs of Heat Stoke:

Excessive panting
Excessive Salivation (drooling)
Racing pulse
Legs, ears, nose hot to the touch
What to do if you think you pet is suffering from Heat Stroke?
Have a pet thermometer to take your pet’s temperatureBring inside to Air Conditioning
Place in a cool water bath – offer sips of cool water

Contact your regular veterinarian immediately

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