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Nuestra mascota tiene un lugar tan especial en nuestras vidas que necesitábamos hallar un lugar acorde para él. Encontramos en la familia de Jim un verdadero segundo hogar para Tiberio. Ellos supieron hacer la adaptación y generar  la confianza y el afecto que él necesitaba. Podemos viajar tranquilos finalmente y estar en contacto e informados permanentemente. Gracias por ayudarnos a disfrutar más de nuestros viajes! 

César Cuadrelli - Pet: Tiberio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2011.

My husband, my dog Flaca and I recently relocated from Costa Rica to Buenos Aires. PetsVentura really helped ease my nerves and answered any all questions that I had along the way. Both Jim & Jim met us all at the airport and took us all to our new home. They have also been a great resource of information for us in our newly adopted home town. They are extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services!! 

Sharyn Rosenblum Evron – Pet Flaca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2009.

Jim is the ONLY person I have found to give such thought to making a service that is top notch. He provides a top-notch service based on ideals from the U.S. and Canada and stays on top of issues going on in the pet world. He has been available for consolations and has made himself very available at a moment's notice. The vet he works with is excellent as well. I cannot speak highly enough about him. 

Laura Zurro, EBook Moving to and Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2007.

 Having worked with Jim in his capacity of founder and CEO of PetsVentura Relocation Solutions I can highly recommend Jim and the boarding services offered  by his company. Jim is a highly reliable and flexible person who always seems to go the extra mile to accommodate your schedule. Just as importantly, he provides loving care and an environment almost like home for your beloved pets. Every time our dog goes to PetsVentura it seems he never wants to come home again, which to me says it all! 

Charlotte Grubbe Hildebrandt – Pet Urban, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2010.

Jim es una excelentísima persona en primer lugar por su rapidez en atender a mi gatito y por su humanidad en atenderme a mí por mi preocupación. Tiene una profunda experiencia del tema y es totalmente confiable. 

Norma Bartolomé, Argentina. 2009.


Hi Jim, Kiara got in fine.  It took us some time to get everything done (the expediters had already gone home by the time we got ready).  Most of our time was spent just running around from one place to another with the same docs.  Everything you sent in the packet was perfect, no problems with any of the ministries or departments at the airport. Once again, thank you very much for your work. Our family is finally all back together! Thanks.

Jason Fulkerson - Pet: Kiara, Brasil - December 21, 2009.


When I was preparing to leave Cordoba, Argentina to permanently relocate in the USA, I needed advice on how to best handle the transportation of our dog, Ami. Our flight plans included an initial segment on COPA airlines and then a later transfer to an American carrier. Prior to meeting Jim at PetsVentura, I was getting conflicting information regarding pet policies, cage specifications, and check in procedures. I was already beginning to feel overwhelmed with all that needed my attention and I simply didn't have time to spend on additional research. Jim offered to help me by making his own calls. Within a day or two, he was kind enough to provide me with clear instructions and advice on where to obtain the appropriate carrier. He was a godsend!  Thank you, Jim for listening to my needs and for being so willing to help.

Raya Novak, USA - January 25, 2010.



To Jim and the staff of PetsVentura:  wanted to say "Muchas Gracias" for taking such good care of Kobu, my Siberian Husky and fuzzy white travel partner.  Traveling around Argentina and South America with a big white wolf-like dog is not easy, but you made my life much easier knowing that he would have a home away from home when I could not take him with me.  Additionally, you saved me much time and money by locating and procuring a perfect replacement travel crate door when I lost mine.  You and your staff are wonderfully friendly and your service is both highly professional and reasonably priced.  I would recommend PetsVentura to anyone traveling with their pets in South America. Best Wishes and look forward to using PetsVentura on my next trip to BA. Ciao y hasta luego.

John McHugh - Pet: Kobu, Argentina - February 2010.

Estimados  Jim, Hoy después de algunas peripecias y mucho nerviosismo entre ir primero al sector de cargo donde nos había informado el día anterior un representante local de Air France en dicha especialidad, finalmente luego de ansiosas idas y vueltas nos encontramos con nuestras queridas perritas en el área de desembarco de pasajeros. Fue un encuentro muy emocionante y ahora estamos todos juntos y felices. Un cordial saludo para los dos.
Molly y Agustín - Pets: Lola y Pepa, Angola - March 4, 2010.


 Hi Jim , Thank you so much for taking care of Mick while we were vacationing in Patagonia.  It was so hard to be away from our little guy but the one thing we enjoyed was knowing he was in such good hands.  I could not have found a better situation than the service you provide.  Also all the documents he needed to return back to the US were done perfectly.  Thank you very much!! Warm regards.

Jeremiah & Dayana Thompson- Pet: Miniature Dachshund – Mick, USA - April 2010.



Having recently arrived in Argentina and unexpectedly finding myself under the weather, I was extremely relieved to have found such an accommodating and thorough service to care for my two dogs. Despite their apparent challenges as they still become accustomed to city living, Pet Ventura took excellent care of them, arranged the vet as needed, and both the vet and Jim called me back after the service as follow-up. Truly wonderful service! When the needs arrive again, PetsVentura will be my first choice.

Minoy Wiren - Pets Coco and Zoey, USA, February 28, 2011.

Hi Jim , we made it!!!! The girls (Skyler and Macauley) were fine...sooooo excited to see us!! We went for a little jog after the flight. Before the rain came pouring down!! But now they are in a place called Pet Resorts about 15 minutes away...Thanks for everything.The only bad thing was the flight was delayed for about an hour...we taxied out on the runway and then had to return for the mechanics to check I am sure the girls were wondering what the heck was going on. Thanks again.

Deidra Brown – Pets Skyler and Mackauley, USA. 2009.



Dear Jim, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other clients:

As a pet lover and living abroad for years I found myself in the most stressful situation ever when I decided to come home with my belove...
d dog Sparky. I did have choices as I could have tried to do everything myself, however with trying to relocate myself as well and the lack of understanding of all the requirements and regulations the stress was increased.

With this in mind and my number one priority being my dog Sparky I endeavored in my search for the right company to assist me with everything I needed for the safe and happy transportation of my dog back to the United Kingdom from Argentina.

I did not just find the right company I found an avid pet lover like myself in Jim Anderson the owner of PetsVentura. The moment I spoke to Jim about my plans to relocate with my dog my stress was reduced dramatically which was continually reduced with every concern or question/s I always had for Jim that he answered immediately.

Jim Anderson always went out of his way to make sure that both Sparky and I where happy at all times throughout the whole process and not only with his professionalism, also the individual care and attention to every detail he provided was spectacular. He is an expert in all the regulations and requirement’s and does everything in a manner that makes you feel relaxed and confident.

I would recommend Jim to anyone planning on relocating with pets as he is very highly qualified and will make sure that you and your pet are safe in your location all the way to your final destination/relocation and make sure you both arrived.

Quick note, as a pet owner I now know to sleep on the plane and not worry as when I went to pick up my Sparky he came bouncing out smiling as if he wanted to go again.

Thank you so much Jim

 Shona Currie , UK

The training that my dog received from Jim Anderson was outstanding and I will never use another dog trainer again! Jim was very professional and is one of the best at what he does. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched. My dog is still so well trained after all these years, I am glad I went with Jim and did it right the first time. I would highly recommend hiring Jim Anderson. 
Virginia (Spain)





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