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Declawing a cat is the surgical removal of the claws, which are closely adhered to the bone. It is not similar to trimming fingernails -- it requires serious surgery. The last bone of the cat's claw has to be completely removed to prevent its re-growth since the claw is so closely held to the bone.
In effect, declawing is an amputation of the last joint of a cat's "toes." This procedure is often likened to amputation of a human's fingers to the first knuckle.

Declawing is banned in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Israel, Japan and most of Europe, except in cases of medical necessity or extreme circumstances.

There is now an alternative to declawing - plastic nail covers that can be used to cover the cat's claws. These nail caps do not hurt the cat and look attractive. You may choose to only put the nail covers on the front paws which leaves the back claws available if the cat goes outside. Or, you can cover all of the nails.
Application is simple. The cat's nails must be trimmed short. Then, you put glue inside the nail cap, and slide it on the cat's nail. After all of the nail caps have been applied, the cat does need to be held for a few minutes in order for the glue to dry. Your cat will look stylish and not have to undergo a painful procedure. Plus, you will reap the benefits of declawing like not having your house destroyed by sharp claws and no family members getting hurt.