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Buenos Aires, Argentina is, like many other cities in a world, a city that is full of dogs always eager to take a stroll and to play. This is why five days a week, while their owners are at work the "Pasea Perros" (Dog Walker) goes to work, something very characteristic of this city.

The Dog Walker has, as its name implies, the job of walking the "man's best friend." It is a job with a large responsibility; pets in Buenos Aires are considered an important part of the family.

On the streets of Buenos Aires you will see the average Dog Walker taking care of around 10 dogs at a time, that's 40 paws that they have to keep track of at all times. Usually they walk calmly with their herd, a common site for the inhabitants of Buenos Aires, but something that never ceases to amaze North American and European tourists visiting the city, who photograph them repeatedly.

The leader of the picturesque herd maintains the dogs calm, constantly rearranging the leaches to avoid tangling, and, most importantly, the fights. Fights are, of course, punished by the Walker, separating the rowdy dogs from the rest and leaving them to cool down in what the dog walkers refer to as the "The Safe Zone," an area reserved exclusively for the canines that pick fights. The dogs causing problems are kept separated from the rest until the cool down, usually tied to a tree away from the rest of the group. None the less, their main concern is to keep the doggies happy and giving them the chance to interact with others of their own, also giving the dog walkers to get together and talk, sharing their knowledge on dogs psychology.