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INTERLINE TRANSFER OF PETS (Multiple Airlines on One Itinerary)

When your pet travels as accompanied baggage, most airlines cannot transfer your pet from their own systems to a final destination served by another airline. Each airline must observe your pet at the time it accepts your pet for transport. On a trip connecting more than one airline, as a result, you may need to claim your pet at the connecting stop or stops where you change airlines and check in your pet with the agents at the new airline.

Be sure to plan sufficient time for this transfer.

A good rule of thumb is: if you booked your trip through separate airlines or through a travel agent, you will probable need to retrieve and re-check your pet when making connections. If you booked the entire trip though one airline, verify with them whether you will need to re-check your pet when transferring from one airline to another.

Nevertheless, when your pet travels in the cargo system, airlines can transfer your pet from one airline to another. Enough time for transfers between airlines will be necessary, so be sure to consult the airlines involved, since you will need to make advance arrangements with the connecting airline. The minimum transfer times will vary by airport and sometimes by airline.