Is The Jack Russell Right For You?

Is the Jack Russell the best pet for your family? Before deciding, you need to know the temperament that every Jack Russell is born with, simply because they are a Jack Russell. For example, a Jack Russell will not tolerate a child pulling on his tail. If you have small children, there are some things you need to think about before buying one of these dogs.

Jack Russell Terriers are extremely energetic dogs. If you bring a Jack Russell into your home, make sure you plan plenty of walks, or have a large yard for her to run in! And a fence is a necessity! These natural born hunters will quickly get lost as they track small animals through your yard!

Jack Russell Have A Long, Interesting History

The Jack Russell breed has been relatively stable for over a hundred years. Originally bred to hunt foxes, the breed is tenacious and spunky. Their small size allowed them to easily burrow down into the nests of their prey, and makes them a popular house pet today.

JackRussel1Jack Russell Were Bred To Hunt

The physical appearance of the Jack Russell shows its history in a vivid way. The standard is broad, but everything about the dog is designed for hunting. The colors are perfect for a working dog, and the flexibility these dogs inherit helps them track and corner their prey. The body is designed for maneuvering underground when chasing their quarry.

A Dog With Personality

Talk to any Jack Russell owner and you will hear that the Jack Russell has a personality all his own. He is a huge dog stuffed into a small body! Even though the dogs are little, you will have a hard time convincing them that they cannot take on a big dog. In fact, Jack Russell often do not get along well with other dogs, unless they are introduced as puppies.

When owning a Jack Russell Terrier, you can expect to have hours of enjoyment seeing your pet in your home, running and playing with your children. Keep in mind that these dogs become very protective of the people in their lives. They make a great little guard dog! But be prepared for plenty of barking! Remember, Jack Russell are hunting dogs at heart! Keep the hamsters or gerbils out of reach!

How To Know If This Is The Breed For Your Family

Jack Russell’s are full of spunk and personality. They are hardy dogs that have a long, rich history as a working breed. If you are looking for a dog to take part in an active lifestyle, then the Jack Russell might be the best dog for you! If you are leaning towards the Jack Russell as your next pet, read more about the history and origin of the Jack Russell to gain an appreciation for this diverse and hardy breed of dogs.