Massage is a perfect complimentary therapy in a well-rounded holistic approach to your dog's health -- physically, emotionally, and mentally!
By gently manipulating soft tissue (muscle, skin, fascia, tendons, ligaments) Massage Therapy has many deep profound physiological effects and never fails to amaze me with how a dog responds to a treatment. Canine Massage Therapy can:
Improve mobility
Relieve areas of soreness, tension, discomfort and spasm 
Promote a speedier return to health from injury or surgery 
Encourage the removal of toxins and metabolic waste from the blood and lymphatic system 
Reduce stiffness and swelling 
Help to build wasted muscle and improve tone in the aging or convalescing dog 
Help to alleviate nervousness, depression, lack of focus and unwanted behavior 

Improve the performance of the agility or working dog. Sooth the symptoms associated with common pathologies e.g.: Hip Dysplasia, spondylosis, osteo-arthritis 
Help to calm down boisterous behavior 
Induce relaxation 
Help to correct gait irregularities 
Promote a healthy coat and skin 
Increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues 
Re-educate the neuro-muscular system to aid it in realizing its full potential in terms of full movement, mobility and function 
Aid in the breakdown of old scarring, adhesions, fibrous tissue and to release adhered skin
    Massage Therapy can help to soothe the pain associated with:
    Hip Dysplasia Osteoarthritis Spondylosis Ageing Post Operation/Injury Collisions e.g.: with other dogs

    By helping to manage pain, soothe aching joints and increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the body, massage can help to improve mobility and flexibility in your dog.

    Beneficial for dogs who:

    Participate in competitive physical Exercise e.g.: agility, field trials,

    Are inactive

    The older dog

    Dogs who are convalescing from accidents ie: road traffic accidents, falls

    Working dogs that have demanding jobs
      We provide your pet with a massage session in the comfort of their own home or our office. Each session tailored to fit your dog's needs.

      For further information contact us:
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