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Consultant Canine

11dogsowners.18 As the Consultant Canine I teach you to live in perfect harmony with your dog. Every dog is unique and its well being and yours is my top priority.

Having studied dog psychology and with a life time’s experience of being around dogs, I use gentle, kind methods to help you train your dog and build a better understanding of canine behavior and language.

I teach you to think and work in a different way, using the latest scientific research, which is starting to question our understanding of “dominance” in the dog "pack" and the correct use of discipline as a way of training dogs or changing a unwanted behavior.

I have a strong commitment to up-dating my knowledge and am currently studying an advanced course in treating severe aggression.

Consultations are individual and done at your home, With all the family present where possible.
each consultation is specific to your dog and its needs.
practical advice is given on the day  and a tailor made behavior program will follow .

Normally Unless it's a very severe case, one consultation is sufficient.

Contact us:
+54 (11) 5292-6001 (Argentina’ Office)