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Off Leash Parks in Buenos Aires Argentina

Avenida de Mayo Dog Park Off leash parks were designed with the best of intentions as these parks offer a wonderful opportunity for your dog to socialize, exercise and let go off some energy. These parks may or may not be totally fenced off.
I have visited every off leash park in the Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am including both the bad and the good aspects of dog parks. My feeling is that off leash should not mean out of control. I believe dog parks are a privilege, not a right.
Dog parks are a great way to meet other dog owners, possibly forming smaller groups so these new found friends can meet at another location. You might even meet the person of your dreams who you already know is a dog lover!
Some people feel that off leash parks means every dog deserves to be off leash. Even if their dog who is a bully, aggressive, or just obnoxious. Some dogs are not out and out aggressive but demonstrate their little aggressive or cranky outbursts.
Not every dog owner or dog walker, which is the most common person in the park, is conscientious about picking up after their pet. Some owners bring their sick dog to the park. Some people bring a bitch in season to the park.
Unfortunately, many people in Buenos Aires are offering walking with large pack of dogs where you find them in these public off leash parks. From my observations and reports from clients and friends, many of these dog walkers cannot control a pack of dogs let alone be responsible and pick up after all these dogs.

Flea season can be a challenge, as can parasites, kennel cough and other viruses are transmitted from dog to dog. As well as dogs drinking out of puddles containing contaminated water can pick up parasites.
Make your own decision about using off leash areas and even more using dog walkers.

We invite you to share your experiences using off leash parks / areas in Buenos Aires.
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