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RESCUE PETS - Lighthouse Animal Rescue in Costa Rica

I'm Mr BudBud. I'm the Perro Primero (that means top dog!) of Lighthouse Animal Rescue in Atenas Costa Rica!!! Me and my human Mom and Dad do animal rescue here. When we moved here, 6 years ago, from Florida we brought 8 dogs and 2 cats with us.


Mom has been doing' rescue since she was 4 years old!! That's 59 years!!!! I've been the "Perro Primero" since I was about 4 years old so me and Mom have a lot in common!!

I keep things running' smooth and tell all the other critters what to do!! There's usually LOTS of them to look after and it keeps me awfully busy!! It's a lot of work for a little white dog!!!

All us critters have full run of the property and the house. We sleep in the beds with Mom and Dad or in our dog beds and NOBODY has to live in a pen or a cage except for the first few days when they might be contagious. After that they run with all  of us!!! There's 21 of us right now!!

The herd (2)

 We take in animals from the streets and from abusive situations. Did you guys know that some people treat their animals really BAD? What's up with that?

Anyway, we get them all healthy and have them spayed or neutered. Mom and Dad teach 'em about love and trust and then we find real good homes for them!!

Some of them have had a pretty hard life and it takes longer for those to learn about trusting humans but with a lot of love they come around.

Mom is always bringing' some new critter home. Mostly it's dogs and cats but sometimes it's possums, squirrels, birds, goats or just about ANY critter that needs a helping hand.


Mom and her friends rescued lots of animals from the earthquake zone. It happened in January of this year, 2009, and it was pretty bad. There were about 50 people killed and lots still missing.

Everybody was helping the people but nobody was helping the animals. So Mom and her friend went in and did that. They took about 250 animals out of the dangerous areas.

A lady named Karin, in Heredia, has a great BIG shelter and, since Mom was going to the earthquake zone every day, she we took them to Karin's shelter after giving the officials photos of the animals. Some of them got claimed. Some didn't But Miss Karin found good homes for all of the ones that were still there after a month.

Mom and her friends also fed and watered a few thousand animals, (cows, chickens, pigs, etc) who were in safe areas but were stranded without food or water. It was a HUGE job and took about a month to finish up! There's lots of pictures of the earthquake rescue on my photo site.

You folks can keep up with what all is going on here at Lighthouse by going to our blog at

You can see some of our pictures on my photo site at

We're in a competition right now for a $1,000.00 grant!! That would help feed the animals here for about 4 to 6 months!! If you go to help us win just go to

Look for the purple tabs on the right and click on Shelter Challenge. Then type in Lighthouse for the shelter name and Click on Costa Rica for the country. Then click search.

When our name comes up just click VOTE!!

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