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Nutrition and Weight Management for Dogs and Cats

DSC_0217Nearly 60% of adult dogs are overweight or likely to get that way due to their age or activity level.

Do you have difficulty feeling your pet’s ribs?
Is there little or no ”waist” (the indentation in the area between where the ribs end and the hips begin)?
Do you give your pet table scraps or leftovers?
Is your pet reluctant to exercise?
Does your pet seem to tire easily with activity?
Does your pet waddle when walking?
Does your pet keep eating as long as there’s foods in the bowl?

    If you answer yes to any of the questions your pet should be on weight management program including exercise and a low calorie diet.

    Totally eliminate table scraps.
    That's hard to do when those big eyes are pleading with you, but table scraps can add too many calories and too much fat to your pet's diet. Go for a walk or enjoy some playtime with a favorite ball or toy. Reward your pet with extra playing or brushing time.

    Consider switching to a lower calorie dog food.
    Many of the light pet foods on the market today taste so good pets won't realize they're eating "diet food". Watch out for additives. Make sure the food you choose is 100% nutritionally compete and balanced.

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