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How to Select a Pet Care Facility

Every day people face the question of what to do with their pets when travel, illness, or family emergencies disrupt normal care Others feel that it is important to supply positive social environments for their dogs while they are at work or away for the day Some pet owners take their pets with them when they travel, only to discover that hotel limitations, travel-induced pet illness, or runaway pets can turn their trip into a disaster Other pet owners turn over the care of their animals to well-meaning but inexperienced neighbors or friends while they are at work or on vacation yet again, the results are often unsatisfactory Pets entrusted to such part-time custodians frequently escape or become seriously ill due to a lack of reliable, frequent and knowledgeable supervision.
Dog boarding at home 
Fortunately, the majority of pet owners who find themselves in need of pet care utilize the services of professional pet care facilities. Many of pet owners know that full-time, knowledgeable and experienced pet care facility operators provide the most dependable, secure and safe pet care.
In addition to traditional boarding services, pet owners now have more options than ever since pet daycare provide monitored and controlled environments in which groups of friendly dogs from multiple families can interact and play throughout the day in enclosed buildings or yards.( such as PetsVentura Pet Hotel).

Pet boarding and daycare facilities are businesses designed and operated specifically to care for pets, a s distinguished from breeding facilities, which are devoted to producing puppies; training facilities, which take in dogs for hunting, protection and other types of specialized training; and veterinary hospitals, which are designed to care for sick and injured animals 

Most pet care facilities provide a variety of pet services such as boarding, daycare, grooming, majority of boarded pets are dogs and cats, many facilities also offer boarding for horses, birds reptiles and other exotic pets obedience training classes, pet supply sales and pet shipping.

There are several ways of locating the pet care facilities that are convenient to you:

The Internet - The Internet is an extremely valuable resource for those who are seeking a pet care facility for the first time. Many boarding and daycare facilities take the anxiety out of the first visit through feature s offered on their Web sites Many pet care facility Web sites offer virtual tours of the facility and the option to make boarding or daycare reservations online Pet owners are also often able to download the boarding or daycare agreement, vaccination requirements, or other paperwork prior to coming to the facility

Yellow Pages - In addition to the Web site, an ad in the Yellow Pages is often the primary method of a pet care facility’s advertising Remember, though, the size of the ad is no indication of quality
Recommendations of Friends - Satisfied customers are the best recommendation that a pet care facility can receive. Ask your friends and neighbors about their experiences. Check with your veterinarian or ask the facility in question for references

Better Business Bureau - If your community has a Better Business Bureau, a phone inquiry about your local pet care facility is appropriate. Ask about the reputation of a specific business and if any complaints have been lodged against them.
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