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Introduced compulsory microchipping

Jurisdictions that have introduced compulsory microchipping (such as New South Wales and Victoria in Australia) have found that there’s been a dramatic drop in the number of untraceable stray dogs, with microchipconsequent huge financial savings for local authorities and animal charities.

In the New World of compulsory microchipping, this would happen every time a dog was found out on its own, and the local constabulary would give the careless owner something a little more formal and unpleasant than a sharp word from the local vet.

It's said again and again, but it’s so true: this problem is the fault of the humans, not the dogs. How do you make the humans responsible? Forge an unbreakable link between owner and dog with a microchip. If this government is serious about wanting to solve this problem, they should listen to those who work with dogs on a daily basis. Legislation to enforce compulsory microchipping and registration of all dogs should be introduced without delay.