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Avoid pet quarantine

 Avoid pet quarantine - travel from PETS compliant countries

The following EU and Non-EU listed countries are part of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).  Therefore cats, dogs and ferrets that are resident in these countries can travel between the listed countries under the PETS scheme.
EU PETS compliant countries
 Faroe Islands
 Balearic Islands
 French Guiana
 Canary Islands
 Czech Republic



Non-EU PETS compliant countries

For pets resident in the Non-EU listed countries you will need to get an official third country veterinary certificate instead of a Pet Passport. You should note the following.
In respect of the UK, pets must not have been outside any of the EU and Non-EU listed countries in the 6 calendar months prior to entry to the UK.  
PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions with head office in Argentina is  qualify in providing Alternative Pet Quarantine.
 New Caledonia
 Russian Federation
 Antigua & Barbuda
 French Polynesia
 New Zealand
 St Helena
 Argentina ***
 St Kitts & Nevis

 St Pierre & Miquelon
 Ascension Island
 Hong Kong

 St Vincent & The Grenadines

 San Marino



 Trinidad and Tobago

 United Arab Emirates

 USA (mainland)
 British Virgin Islands


 Cayman Islands

 Wallis & Futuna
 Netherlands Antilles


 Falkland Islands
 St Lucia