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Pet Shipping

Shipping a pet is a stressful experience for most pet owners. There are many details regarding the shipment of a dog or cat that must be attended to -- especially when overseas pet shipment is concerned.

In planning for your pet's shipment, allow for plenty of lead-time, especially if you're shipping your pet abroad, so that all the preparations are in place well before your departure. That way, you and your pet can take the big move in stride.

Every country has its own set of customs regulations, procedures, and health and documentation requirements. These can be quite complicated and must be followed precisely.

A domestic move can be easily arranged for. The international moves are more complicated because the regulations vary from country to country. Using a pet shipper alleviates some of the stress

IPATA member shippers -- numbering more than 200 in 30 countries -- must demonstrate appropriate experience, must be properly licensed in their countries, and must agree to adhere to IATA's Live Animal Regulations, the international standard for the care of animals in shipment. According to Young, member companies make use of airlines with facilities and handling procedures that have been verified to meet standards of quality and safety.

IPATA maintains a searchable list of pet shippers worldwide with a detailed listing of their specific services. The list can be searched alphabetically by name, or by airport location.
It's important to keep in mind that IPATA is a trade organization, not a shipper. Each IPATA member is an individual company with its own practices, procedures, services, and rates. Compare the costs and services of several different companies before making your choice.

Various levels of service are available from different shippers, ranging from basic airport-to-airport service to comprehensive door-to-door service. The cost of shipping a pet varies widely, depending on the degree of service sought and the destination. Naturally, international shipping is more expensive than domestic.