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PetsVentura New Pet Daycare

Dog Daycare includes supervised fun and play. Try not to be envious as you watch your pets having a wonderful time playing on the live web cam while you work. Your pet would do the same for you if they could.

Our program is designed to provide your dog with a socialization experience playing and exercising with friends in a safe, supervised environment. By giving dogs the opportunity to use-up energy mixed with scheduled nap-times while your pet is in daycare, we give the busy pet owner a well-rested, exercised, happy pet in the evening.

US$18.00 for a full day. US$12.00 for ½ day (Valid May 2011)

Any pet attending daycare at PetsVentura Pet Day Care must be up-to-date on inoculations including Rabies and fecal float.

Please present proof of shots at initial check-in. We will be happy to administer your Pet’s medications at minimal  additional charge.