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Cost of Sending a Dog to the UK via PETS scheme (USA to UK)

This is one experiance of a person from the USA sending her dog from the USA to the UK . I hope this can give you an idea of the process and fees involve when you plan an international traveling with a pet.

Only Birtish Airways is a qualified to fly dogs from LAX to London-Heathrow!

  • Cost of ship would be over US$900 for the one-way flight .
  • Plus a $175 handling fee in the U.S.
  • GBP 310 ($470) fee for customs clearance in the UK . 
  • In addition, the USDA charges $111 per dog for providing the required paperwork approvals, so in the end, the up front costs were nearly $1700. 
  • Add to that the cost of all the vet visits to get him micro-chipped, vaccinated, de-wormed and blood-tested (another $300 easily).
  • Cost of buying  a replacement bed, leash, collar, and food bowl for the UK (since his US items couldn't accompany your pet in the crate)
  • The grand-total comes to somewhere around US$2,500.

The information herein has been obtained from sources believed reliable.  While I do not doubt its accuracy, I make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it.

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