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Breaking News: Import of cats and dogs to Australia from Ireland via UK

Import of cats and dogs to Australia from Ireland via UK

November 9, 2011 The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) would like to draw your attention to the issue of cats and dogs from the Republic of Ireland (Ireland) being imported to Australia via the United Kingdom (UK).

Following correspondence with the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), AQIS can confirm that it is not possible for pets resident in and prepared for export from Ireland to have Veterinary Certificate B signed and endorsed in the UK by an Official Government Veterinarian from DEFRA.

AQIS will consider allowing cats and dogs from third countries to enter Australia via the UK if they meet the following requirements:

1.      The country of export, as listed on the AQIS import permit application, must be the country whose government authority is performing final sign-off and endorsement of the animal’s health certification e.g. Veterinary Certificate A and B of the import permit. Veterinary Certificate A and B must be completed in the same country.

2.      If the animal has visited any other countries in the six months prior to import, an application for a Certificate of Equivalence for residency must be submitted to AQIS. Note that the animal must be prepared for import according to the highest risk country it has visited in that six month period. Animals that have visited any AQIS non-approved countries are not eligible for entry into Australia without having performed six months residency in an approved country.

3.      Cats and dogs being imported to Australia must meet the conditions of their import permits, and any other AQIS requirements, in full. This includes completion and full sign-off of the AQIS import permit. It is the exporter’s responsibility to ensure that the exporting government authority is prepared to sign-off and endorse preparations done in another country.

4.      For an animal to trans-ship in the UK, it must fly into the UK (Heathrow) and have a trans-shipment permit completed by a DEFRA Official Veterinarian. An animal is not considered to be trans-shipping in the UK if it enters via boat/road or any airport other than Heathrow.

Failure to meet AQIS requirements is a serious non-compliance and breach of Australian import conditions. Four animals recently imported to Australia have been denied entry and are being exported from Australia because they have not met the requirements outlined above.

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