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Traveling with a pet to south Korea, Seoul

Republic of Korea does have 10-day quarantine for all arriving animals. To pick up your pet, you MUST have:

1. Certificate of excess baggage or bill of lading for animals arriving by air freight.
2. Copy of health certificate.
3. Copy of owner's military orders.
4. Proof of identification.
5. Power of attorney if you are acting as the owner’s representative.

After clearing customs at Kimpo International Airport, the animal will be transported, at the owner's expense, to the quarantine facility at Yongsan, which is the only USFK pet quarantine facility in the Republic.

The transportation fee is $30 and there is a daily rate for boarding. Check with your sponsor or gaining unit for accurate boarding rates.

Rabies vaccinations must be over 30 days old to stay at this facility (i.e. if your pet had a rabies shot 10 days before your arrival at Yongsan your pet will be required to stay in quarantine for 20 days).

You are permitted to visit your pet during the quarantine. You allowed bring food to your pet while

For further details, please contact the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service. Address: 480, Anyang 6-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Tel: (031)467-1946/1949 Fax: (031)467-1956