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Airport pet relief areas

1. The Charlotte airport doesn’t have an official pet relief area, but it does have several great patches of grass near the large fountain outside baggage claim. The airport itself is stretched out in a line, so getting anywhere takes time, but finding the fountain is straightforward. Because it is not an official relief area, there are no bags provided. There was a fair amount of poop on the ground, especially in the grassy areas surrounding the fountain. Walking away from the terminal, there were additional grassy areas that were less used and less peopled (the fountain is a popular spot). 

2. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) doesn’t have any official pet relief areas, but it has two large and useful patches of grass that make up for it.
Whether you arrive at Terminal 1, 2 or 3, your best bet is to exit at the baggage claim level and find the lawn surrounding the airport Hilton. It’s directly across from Terminal 2; you’ll have to walk to the right a bit if you arrive at Terminal 1, or to the left a bit if you arrive at Terminal 3.
If you arrive at International Terminal 5, there’s a large expanse of lawn directly across from baggage claim.
No poop bags are provided, of course, so bring some with you! 

3. CMH kindly provides a map of its arrivals level, showing the location of the airport’s pet relief area, but it’s a bit hard to follow. Here’s what you do: Exit the baggage claim level through the doors across from Carousel 2, then turn left and walk to the end of the sidewalk. The pet relief area is a small, fenced enclosure lined in crushed stone. Poop bags and a trash can are provided, but the area was very dirty when we visited. A far better choice is to cross the airport road to an area whose pillars bear the signs “Pre-arranged vehicles.” Right next to them is a big patch of grass — much cleaner and more pleasant than the official relief area, but you’ll need to carry your own poop bags. 

4. Denver International Airport site says about its pet relief area: “DIA has one designated pet-exercise area located outside Jeppesen Terminal on Level 2 West, not far from Door 200.”
Follow the signs to the “Terminal West” side of the baggage claim level. Walk to Door 500 and take the elevator down to the 2nd floor (if you go down to the 2nd floor first, you’ll shlep through a lot of parking lot). The pet relief area is a small enclosure surrounded by a chain-link fence at the side of the parking garage. The area is small and gravel-lined. There are poop bags and there is a trash can. There is only indirect light, since the enclosure is tucked under a formidable staircase structure. The gate closes poorly, and a gap at the bottom is wide enough to allow a small, motivated dog to escape. 

5. JFK T5 pet relief area
The pet relief area is right next to baggage carousel 6 — in fact, where carousel 7 would be, if carousel 7 existed. It’s pretty large and completely fenced, with a single gate. The ground is covered in soft wood chips. There are poop bags, trash cans and two blue fire hydrants. There are a couple of benches for humans.

6. McCarran International reportedly has three pet relief areas, two outside Terminal 1 and a third outside Terminal 2 

7. To find the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) pet relief area for the Lindbergh Terminal, go to the baggage claim level and exit Door 1. Follow the orange signs, which lead you to a small, partially-fenced space lined with soft wood chips. There are poop bags and a bench for humans, and there are several rocks, positioned vertically to appeal to male dogs. It’s minimal, and really too small for more than one dog at a time 

8. Pet relief area at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) -
It’s on the west side of the baggage claim area 

9. San Diego International Airport (SAN)
It is easy to locate (between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) and not too far away. It is fenced, but does not have a gate. There is a bench for humans and grass (or excellent imitation grass) for the dogs. There is a trash can and a roll of bags
10. San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
They’re on the SFO airport map (look at the interactive map and click on “services” and “Animal Relief Areas”), and upon inquiry you’ll get written directions too.

11. Seattle airport pet relief area
To find the official pet relief area, walk to baggage carousel 16, and go out Door 24. Turn left, and at the far end of the small parking area you’ll see a sign saying “Pet Area.”