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Choose Pet Cargo Provider

It is now possible to find cargo shipping providers who do nothing but ship pets to different parts of the world. However, shipping a pet as international cargo is a delicate and involved business that should be done with the utmost care and attention to detail since a failure to do so could result in your pet being held in quarantine for much longer than necessary. Hence it is in your best interests to find the right cargo shipping provider for your pet’s needs.

You can ask your friends with pets if they have had to use a similar service and what they thought of the international cargo company that they chose. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways of finding a good pet shipping company because you get a first-hand account of what that company’s services are like.

The other way of finding the perfect pet shipping company is to conduct either an online search or look through IPATA directory for pet cargo shipping providers. 

You will then have to call each provider to ask for quotes and to find whether they have ever shipped your kind of pet to the ultimate destination in question. Keep in mind that there is no point hiring a shipping company that has never dealt either with your kind of pet or the place to which you need to ship your pet.

When you are speaking with the pet shipping providers make sure to ask them what kind of paperwork they need to fill out and just how long they think it will take for your pet to clear through customs. Depending on the country to which you are headed, you might have to wait up to six months for your pet to be released from quarantine. 

Also find out if the shipping companies to which you are speaking will take care of providing your pet with the necessary shots and medical examinations so that they are cleared easily through customs.
There are providers that all you really have to do is investigate each company and choose the one you feel offers you and your pet the most comfort and security.