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VIP accompany pets anywhere in the world

VIP accompany pets anywhere in the world
P1010012 PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions offers a new approach to managing international animal transportation to and from every country worldwide, managing all regulatory and logistic challenges including veterinarian aspects appropriate to any pet transportation.
The professional pet accompany team includes animal-loving, medically trained and experienced in the field of international aviation members accompanying the pet through the whole flight, starting with the check-out process, accompanying him to the plane, arriving with him to final destination and personally handing   him to the owner or representative at the final destination.

This is an exclusive, personal pet companion service that fully meets the needs of your loved new pup while offering you
the convenient of delivery right to your home. Delivery arrangements can be made via air or ground.

We have extensive experience traveling with pets and offer this service throughout the world.
We are delighted to offer these convenient and cost effective pet transportation services for our customers. We know the safety and comfort of your pet is  as important to you as it is for.

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