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Pet Travel Info: Argentina

There is no quarantine in Argentina.

A certificate stating that the animal is in good health and has been inoculated against rabies (for dogs and cats) is required.

This document must be issued by a licensed veterinarian not more than 10 days prior to entering Argentina. The pet must be vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days prior to entering Argentina but not more than 12 months prior.

Be advised that all the documentation must be obtained within 10 days prior the departure of the animal or otherwise it will be void.

The airline must notify the station manager, at least 24 hours prior to arrival, at the point of entry giving notice of pets on board in order to ensure attendance of veterinary surgeon at the arrival airport.

PET IMPORT FEES: If you arrive in Argentina Monday through Friday there is a fee to be paid, which varies from $13.00 to $37.00 depending on the time of your arrival.
If you arrive on the weekend the fee is $61.00

For father up-to-date information contact Petsventura Relocation Services by phone (5411) 5292-6001 or by Email.

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