Most frequently asked questions during the exporting process!

1 Q: What do I need to do to send my dog/cat overseas?
A: You first need to contact the Government of the country you want your dog/cat to go to and ask if you need to apply for an import permit or if there are any other requirements needed.

2 Q: How soon can I make a booking to fly my Dog/Cat?A: Normally the airlines will accept bookings approximately two weeks before the date you need your dog /cat to fly. We recommen not delaying your booking to last moment.

3 Q: What happens if I need to leave Argentina urgently? Can you look after my Dog/Cat before you send them to where I go?
A: Yes, we can offer domestic boarding for your Dog/Cat before sending to your country. We have an on site vet who can do any vaccinations required for. Please check that your dog/cat vaccinations are up to date. If you want to know what vaccinations are required please contact us.

4 Q: When should I purchase the crate for my Dog/Cat?
A: We would suggest you purchase the crate approximately one month before flying, to get your Dog/Cat used to it, so on the day of flying it is not totally unfamiliar. You will find that if you just put the Dog/Cat in the crate on the day of flying they will be very upset and frightened.

5 Q: Should I tranquilize my Dog/Cat before flying?
A: We do not recommend that you tranquilize your dog / cat before travel. If you feel your dog/cat needs to be calmed down then you could use a natural alternative.

6 Q: What can I do to prepare my Dog/Cat for travel?
A: You can help prepare your Dog/Cat for travel by slowly introducing them to strange environments (especially dogs). For example: go near wherever there is a lot of activity and loud noise. If you can make your dog/cat familiar with his/her travel crate by feeding them inside it, as well as slowly getting him/her to sleep in it, then when the big day comes they will not stress so much.

7 Q: I know you do grooming can you cut my dog's hair before leaving?
A: Yes we can We have on site Master Groomer that will bath and provide haircut to meet your pets’ needs.

8 Q: What size Travel crate will my Dog/Cat need?
A: The travel crate must be large enough for your Dog/Cat to be able to stand completely upright, turn around and lie down.

9 Q: How do I measure my Dog/Cat for the travel crate?
A: Measure your dog from the top of the head to the when standing up straight. Then you should measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail (top of the bottom), and across the chest. Cats do not normally need to be measured, unless exceptionally large. Please also tell us the weight of your dog/cat. If you give us the wrong measurements and the crate is too small for your dog/cat then you will need to pay more money as the airline charges by VOLUME METRIC WEIGHT and the new bigger crate will increase your airfare. IF YOU ARE GIVEN A QUOTE BY ANOTHER SHIPPER AND YOU WISH TO COMPARE WITH OUR QUOTE PLEASE CHECK THEY HAVE QUOTED YOU USING THE SAME CRATE SIZE AS US.

10 Q: Can I provide my own travel crate?
A: Yes you can provide your own travel crate and this will reduce the quote, but it must be International Air Transport Association approved. If we provide the travel crate, we can be sure it is airline approved and of adequate size, with suitable water bowl, funnel and labels attached.

11 Q: What vaccinations are required?
A: In addition to the vaccinations that may be required by the Government of the country your Dog/Cat will be entering; you will also need to ensure your annual vaccinations are up-to-date. Please note: a Rabies vaccination may also be required. All reputable Kennels will insist on these vaccinations in case your dog/cat needs to board overnight or has to stay in a transit facility overseas.

12 Q: Does my Dog/Cat need to have a Rabies vaccination before going to another country?
A: All countries are different and a Rabies vaccination is not required for entry into all. When you have the Import Health Standards for the country you are moving to, it will state whether you need a Rabies vaccination or not.

13 Q: What should I put in the crate for my Dog/Cat?
A: You will need to put something of yours in the crate for example a towel or a T-shirt that has your smell on it. Another good idea is to put a chew toy which can keep your Dog/Cat busy on their long journey. We will put in the newspaper and ensure there are two water bowls, a funnel and appropriate labels which meet the airline regulations.

14 Q: Can you put the choker chain, collar and lead in the crate with my dog/cat?
A: For safety reasons never leave a lead, harness or collar on your Dog/Cat when they are travelling.

15 Q: How can I collect my Dog/Cat?
A: We will give you an Airway Bill Number which becomes your dog/cat's ticket number. On arrival into the country you are travelling to, ask someone to direct you to the Cargo section of the airline you have used, or their agent in that country. They will ask you to give them the Air Way Bill number, and to clear Customs for your Dog/Cat. They will charge you for doing this. Make sure you collect all documentation including vaccination cards when you pick up your dog/cat in case you need to travel overseas again.

We can arrange for a pet shipper in the country you are going to, to clear Customs and pick up your dog/cat for you, which will take the stress off.

If you need any further help, please contact our transport department TEL: (5411) 5292-6001


  1. Anonymous11/14/2007

    You answered all the questions about travelling with a pet and made me feel more at ease taking a pet along.thank you Andrea

  2. Anonymous11/14/2007

    Jim, thank u for buy our westy puppy. So far Terry is from the best breeder you could find. She arrived in USA in perfect conditions and we are so happy with her. As soon as we go to Argentina we will contact you. Marta and Edward.