ferret_petsventura The process of bringing a ferret to Brazil from any place in the world need to starts with two different licenses: a license from IBAMA (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis) and the second license is from the MINISTÉRIO DA AGRICULTURA authorizing to release the ferret at the airport.

IBAMA license:

Letter or/and license from the official breeder translated and validated and certified;

Certificate with the microchip number translated;

Official certificate issued by a recognized veterinarian clarifying that the animal is castrated and vaccinated against rabies, and translated to Portuguese;

CITES application filled in and signed (IBAMA will Email it);

IBAMA’s FEE. This payment has t be paid at “Banco do Brasil” or “Caixa Econômica Federal” – the only two official Brazilian banks that accept this tax;

After having all these documents, you should fax them to IBAMA in the city Brasilia (Brasil) where they should be verify and approved. If approved, 30 businesses weekly days later, IBAMA will send you the Import Permit.

Important Note: IBAMA will send these documents only to an address in Brazil.


    After receiving the IBAMA license you need to request an Import License from the MINISTÉRIO DA AGRICULTURA which is located at the city where the ferret is going to be arriving.

    There is no cost to obtain this license. The process takes 3 businesses days.
      Countries out of MERCOSUR (MERCOSUL) have to request another license to the Brazilian Consulate in your origin country, avoiding with this the 40 days quarantine. Requisitions:

      International Health certificate issued by the Veterinarian Department in the Origin Country (i.e. in USA is the US Department of Agriculture – USDA).

      Certificate clarifying that there were not any infect contagious disease in the zone of your residence, issued 40 days prior to the trip issued by the Veterinarian Department in the Origin Country.

      Vaccination book up to date

        You must have all these original documents before the departure and keep them with you while you are travelling.


        It is very important to notify the Veterinarian Department at the airport of arriving the date and time that the ferret is arriving. Some airports have different schedule and you may not find an authorized agent to release the animal.

        Request the airlines about the possibility of traveling with the ferret with you in cabin. Some airlines will allow it. Delta, Alitalia, Iberia, TAM, are good examples.

        To avoid any problem request to your veterinarian to issue a bilingual certificate clarifying that ferrets are not rodent.

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