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How safe is it to ship my pet by air?

A letter written by Senators Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) and Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) calling on Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to review current regulations concerning the reporting of animal deaths on commercial airlines:

"While concerns about the reporting of pet fatalities voiced by Senators Menendez, Durbin and Lieberman are valid, changing the way airlines report the deaths of pets will not save lives in the long run."

"Our national focus should be on proactive ways to make pet travel safer and acknowledging that professional pet travel companies help pet owners avoid tragic mistakes, like using crates that are not adequately ventilated or booking pets on airlines that are not able to safely accommodate animals."

A special compartment in the cargo section, designed for Live Animals It is fully pressurized and same temperature as the passenger cabin.  This area is VERY carefully monitored by the Captain and staff.  

Yes, it does have some noise..

Pet owners can minimize these risks.  

Major problems resulting in death or serious health issues result from: brachycephalic breeds of cats and dogs; and having the brachycephalic respiratory syndrome.  Also, elderly pets.  And, those having congenital or pre-existing health issues.  These pets often have pre-existing heart disease resulting in pulmonary congestion and edema.  Then, if a death occurs, one is often inclined to blame the airline. 

Kennel construction is most often the problem with escapes, etc.  Many kennels have very poor connection devices.

Many pet injuries occur when some pets scratch and try to escape.  Pet shippers and airlines can NOT be  responsible for highly agitated pets.  If you have a pet that meets any of the above criteria as being a risk factor, just do NOT ship these pets.

Most reputable pet transportation companies are members of a group called the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). The association regulates and monitors the pet transportation industry by setting ethics standards and overseeing the performance of their members. As part of their membership, pet shipping companies are given access to a network of pet transportation professionals globally who have guaranteed reputations for the services they provide.

How many pet owners are willing to use the services given by  reputable IPATA members? 

Due to IPATA's exacting standards for membership, affiliates are able to safely coordinate this specialized service for the most precious of cargo. As a way of bridging the gap often found in an international industry, IPATA also offers an annual conference where the members gather to meet and exchange ideas, attend classes on country import requirements and species-specific handling techniques, and attend forums where reps from major airlines come to answer questions in a round-table format. International requirements vary from country to country, so working with a quality pet transport or shipping company who is also up to date on the current import requirements is crucial.

The risk of extreme temperatures affecting the pet's safety is one of the other significant concerns among pet owners, many airlines will even embargo pets during the winter and summer months. But most reputable pet transportation companies work with airlines that have programs in place to keep pets in climate-controlled areas the entire duration of the flight. The pet is never exposed to extreme weather and this allows companies to transport pets all over the world year-round.

Some airlines are not adequately set up to take care of animals in the event that there is a delay or emergency. "Pet friendly" airlines have developed dedicated pet programs to care for their four-legged travelers that keep them in climate control not only while in the plane, but also while waiting to board. These airlines also have kennel facilities at their main hubs, where during layovers, all of the pets pet are checked on, watered and if necessary, served meals.
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