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New Security Directive Affects Non-U.S. Origin Cargo

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued a new Security Directive effective 1700 GMT March 10, 2011. This Directive mandates changes in security measures applicable to cargo shipments originating, transiting, or transferring at all non-U.S. locations.

Continental Airlines Cargo continues to accept cargo from all our customers as we work with the TSA to validate the impact and ramifications of this Directive.

Compliance with the new Directive requires carriers to determine whether the forwarder/
consolidator’s customer has had an established account with the forwarder for at least one
year. Forwarders are required to attest to this relationship by submitting the following revised
MAWB statement:

“All shipments tendered on this Master Air Waybill were received from persons having an established account for at least one year with a physical shipping address and a payment, invoice, or credit history of at least one year.”

When possible, this statement should accompany the shipment at time of tender. The statement may be written on the air waybill or other shipment documentation or may be included on a separate document. The version of the MAWB Acceptance Statement required by previous Directives is no longer valid or required.

Separate security measures apply to shipments tendered by regulated agents who provide the statement above, and to cargo from unregulated agents or agents who do not provide the statement. United Cargo will continue to accept cargo tendered both with and without this statement, and will apply the appropriate security protocols.

We will issue further updates on this issue as the impact of the new Directive is clarified. If you have any questions on this issue, please contact your cargo sales manager. We appreciate your support and continued strong business relationship.