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International Pet Relocation Quotes

When you and your family decide to move with your pet/s, PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions ® know how stressful it can be to arrange all the logistics and with pets, it is even more distressing. This is where we step in. We take on all the logistics involved with relocating your pets, as there are often many steps involved, and we handle it all for you.

PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions ®  will asses, which paperwork is needed for the country you are moving to, and we will get in touch with agents on that side, if necessary. We will obtain the health certificate in due time (each country has a different time stipulation). We will find the safest and fastest flight plan for your pets, so that they have to endure as little stress as possible. We will also always seek the most economical flight schedule, when possible. We make sure the travel box sizes are appropriate according to IATA regulations, in order for the pets to have enough room for travelling and to secure that there will be no hold–ups during travelling.

PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions ® will collect the travel kennel in advance, so we may prepare them before your pet needs to travel, making sure all the necessary paperwork is attached securely and that your pet can travel safe and with as much comfort ability as possible.

Your PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions ® agent will personally take your pets to the airport to check them in for their flight. The same   agent will further follow your pet’s progress on their journey to their final destination, will give you updates and we do not stop chasing and we do not “close” until we know for certain, that the kids are happily reunited with their family.

To provide you a quote, please provide the following details:

- Pet details including health status
- Estimated departure date
- Size of travel box (height, width and length)
- Final destination point
- Weight of pet in the travel box with a blanket
- Vaccination status

We will provide you with a quote in within 72 hours and we will advise you on your options of how to proceed.
PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions ® understand the anxieties, that you may have and that your pet might incur and we are here to assist you and yours in any way we can. Just contact us with your questions, and we will get back to you immediately to help you.

PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions ® will provide as much or as little aid, as your relocation may require and only charge you accordingly.
We think it is fantastic and we are truly thankful, when families who have decided on relocating, naturally include their family pet /s.

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