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How to avoid quarantine when travelling with a pet

PetsVentura Pet Relocation Solutions provides a legal alternative for pet quarantine that will reduce or remove the need to place your pets into a quarantine facility.

PetsVentura is qualifying by Argentina in providing Alternative Pet Quarantine that will qualify your pet as an Argentinian resident. Our service may significantly reduce - or remove, as a consequence – the need of quarantine upon arrival for pets entering those countries which require quarantine, added with the complete importation requirements.

PetsVentura offer a real alternative that is fun, stress free and flexible enough to allow owners to arrange care for their pets to suit their pet’s needs.

Your pet will stay with our family in a home-base environment and will never be caged. We offering 24/7 veterinary supervision and integration with other pets and people.

Should you be in Argentina during your pet’s stay with PetsVentura, you are welcome to visit with your pet with preapprove appointments.

We ask the client to pay for the stay depends on the length of time, food, and medical care if needed.

PetsVentura can provide you a full range of relocation services